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10 things women say and what they really mean

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One minute they’re fine and life is good. The next minute it is as if the world is ending; your girlfriend is crying, screaming and stamping her foot like an overly pampered brat. How did this happen? To us, women will always be complex creatures and there’s no point in thinking that one day we will understand their ways. However, here we cover 10 key things that women say and explain to you what they really mean.


What women say: ‘I’m not upset’

When a woman says that she is fine, she often is far from OK. What she really means is: “the issue we were just talking about is still upsetting me, but I’m too embarrassed or too angry to continue with our ‘discussion’ (AKA argument)”. When she says she is fine, tell her that: ‘I know you too well and I know you are not fine. I want to help you and sort this situation out, but I can’t until you let me know what is wrong.”


What women say: ‘It’s up to you’

Careful; you’re in dangerous territory if your girl says that ‘it’s up to you’. This is a test and your decision is going to be judged. The chances are if she says it’s up to you, you have two choices; the first will be the choice that you want to do, like going to a bar with friends and watching the game. The second choice will be something that shows you are a committed, caring boyfriend, but won’t be something you particularly want to do. To make a decision you need to weigh up the consequences of doing what you want against the pleasure you will get.


What women say: ‘It didn’t mean anything’

If the love of your life cheats on you and says it didn’t mean anything then she’s lying. She’s realised her mistake and knows that you’re the one that she now wants, but for women sex rarely, if ever, means nothing. She may have slept with that guy because she had feelings for him, or she may have slept with that guy because she’s miserable with you, but either way there was a reason and it is a big deal.


What women say: ‘I’ll just pop in’

If you hear the words ‘I’ll just pop in’ cancel all your plans now because for the rest of Saturday afternoon you’re going to be stood outside the shop that your girl’s just gone into. Even if her intentions were pure, once inside she will get distracted and, because she knows you’ll be too uncomfortable and embarrassed to ask the shop assistants if they’ve seen you or wander into the fitting room, she knows that she’s safe and can spend up to an hour and a half buying the same skirt / shirt that she owns already.


What women say: ‘Of course you’re not fat’

If you ask your girl whether you’ve put on weight or if you are looking a little old, you cannot trust her answer. Although your girl wants you to look good, for women body issues are such a sensitive topic that they would never tell you that you were fat and piling on the pounds or that you were going grey. If you need an honest opinion on your looks, ask a guy friend.


What women say: ‘You don’t care’

No matter how many times you hear this it still hurts. Of course you care. However, she knows that you love her; when she says ‘You don’t care’ what she actually means is that she feels like you haven’t shown you care about her in a while. Next time she says this shower your girl in love, kisses and hugs and she’ll feel reassured.


What women say: ‘Am I fat?’

When she asks whether she is fat or not a simple no answer will not suffice because your girl isn’t actually asking whether you think she’s fat or not. What your girl is in fact asking is whether you think she’s attractive or not. The next time your girl asks you this question tell her – without any hesitation – that of course she’s not fat and that you find her so hot you sometimes can’t think about anything else but her.


What women say: ‘We’ll see…’

If the words ‘We’ll see’ are spoken to you at the end of a conversation then you should know that what your partner really means is that she doesn’t want to continue this conversation, but that the answer is a definite no. When your girl says this to you she’s secretly hoping that she’ll delay you enough so that you’ll forget about whatever it was that you wanted in the first place.


What women say: ‘I don’t feel like having sex with you right now’

Now, this phrase is a lot different from its close relation: ‘I don’t feel like sex right now’. If your girl says that she doesn’t want sex right now but puts the emphasis on the ‘with you’ part, then you know that what she actually means is that she is unhappy and that you’ve done something wrong. Unlike you, if your girl is angry or upset with you she won’t want to jump into bed and will keep you away until you’ve made it up to her.


What women say: ‘Did you hear that?’

You’re just slipping into a great dream when your girl turns over in bed and whispers in your ear ‘Did you hear that?’ With all your might you try not to wake up, but you quickly plunge back into reality. So, why does your girl ask this just as you are nodding off? She’s bored and fed up that you always manage to sink soundly into sleep before she does.


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